Encore Vegas is united for equal treatment

We work hard to ensure that our clients receive the highest-quality results. Meanwhile, employment with Encore is unpredictable and inconsistent with no accountability to us. Encore exploits us by moving us around like union bounce employees without giving us the wages and benefits. All of this despite the fact that we are the face of Encore to their clients.

But we can change that.

In 2017, Philadelphia A/V techs joined together to demand better working conditions, including considerable pay raises and consistent scheduling. They bargained and ratified their first contract, and others have followed their leadership. Their powerful victory inspired technicians in Seattle and Toronto to join IATSE —and momentum in other cities is building. These Encore techs organized to form a union because they knew they deserved better — and we do, too. It’s our time here in Las Vegas.


Encore workers deserve industry-leading wages. Currently, Encore employees are earning significantly less than their union counterparts. IATSE Local 720 technicians earn better wages, overtime pay and benefits, and offer ongoing training and certifications to expand your earning potential even further.
Encore workers deserve reliable, advance schedules that allow for appropriate rest, and the ability to plan out our days with more predictability. Encore claims that last-minute schedule changes are just the nature of the beast in the entertainment industry, but if they had proper staffing levels and more respect for the welfare of their employees, we could all be better-positioned to handle client demands in a way that doesn’t wreak chaos on our personal lives.
Encore workers and and our families deserve to have our hard work culminate into lifelong financial security. IATSE Local 720 fights for pension and annuity for all members, in addition to better healthcare, disability, dental and vision insurance, so that we know we’ll be protected in times of need.
Encore workers deserve to have sufficient breaks and substantial meals during long shifts in order to secure the health and safety of EVERYONE at a given job site. Far too often, we are asked to work double shifts, but with no one to help enforce that workers receive proper breaks or nourishment. We are treated like machines, not people, when we endure these poor working conditions, and they can impact our safety and the quality of our work. IATSE Local 720 will fight for our dignity on the job.
Encore workers deserve to know that when we go to work on a job, we will be safe. When certain standards are not met nor regulated, the consequences can be dire, because that’s when mistakes are made and accidents happen. IATSE Local 720 can make sure that workers have safe working conditions, including proper equipment, safety protocols and training, mandatory shift breaks and more.

Encore workers deserve to know that our jobs are secure. IATSE Local 720 can make sure we are never wrongfully terminated, and represent us in any grievance process. In the event of layoffs, the union will fight so that you have proper notice with compensation. IATSE Local 720 also works with a variety of organizations to provide financial assistance and other resources to union members during times of hardship. IATSE 720 even started its own food bank to distribute thousands of meals each month to the members and the community.


Encore workers deserve the opportunity to pick up additional work around the city, IF and WHEN we want to. Being an IATSE Local 720 member opens countless doors to work on other projects, and to receive competitive overtime wages. This is a great option for anyone who would like to pocket some extra cash and explore other opportunities when they can.
Encore workers deserve a voice on the job, which is what has been sorely lacking in the way things are now. We have tried over and over again to voice our issues to management directly, and to collaborate on meaningful solutions — but to no avail. IATSE Local 720 is experienced and effective at negotiating with employers to win workers better conditions, and to give us a say in workplace priorities.

IATSE Local 720 represents thousands of experienced technicians across the City. By successfully and consistently winning better wages and conditions for workers, IATSE Local 720 is raising the standards of our industry.

Authorize your IATSE Local 720 union today so that finally, we Encore employees can love our work, AND our jobs. See what other Encore employees have to say about joining IATSE Local 720!


IATSE is the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, Its Territories, and Canada. It has been the largest labor union in the entertainment industry for more than a century. The union’s top priority is to fight for and uphold fair working conditions for the skilled men and women who work behind the scenes.

We're not alone!

Encore workers in cities nationwide and beyond are organizing to win better pay and working conditions we all deserve. See which cities have joined the movement here.


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