What will Encore worker safety look like when we return to our jobs in COVID aftermath?

Encore workers: As we anticipate our return to work in the new world of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever that our health and safety are a priority on the job. Even though quarantine will end, the reality is that work places will need to implement new healthy & safety guidelines to minimize spread of the virus.

If we can’t rely on Encore to ensure safe working conditions under normal circumstances, how can we trust that they will implement even higher safety standards now?

That’s why we’re joining IATSE Local 720.

The union will demand that Encore follows the rules, and prioritizes our safety as employees. With the strength of 1,500 members, Local 720 will demand solutions to safety issues on all of our behalves, if and when our own pleas to management fall on deaf ears. The union is ready to pick up worker grievances and fighting for real solutions.

Safety is our RIGHT. And joining a union to guarantee our safety is also our right.

Local 720 is committed to our well-being as workers, and we encourage everyone to stand united and prepare for a safe reentry to the workplace.

Sign your authorization card today!

In Solidarity,